VPS & Dedicated Server: Installing a Git

If you are looking for how to use github with Hosterne web hosting then this guide is for you. Before starting this guide let’s start with overview.


Git hub is open source platform which help you to save your projects and track your projects. Alot of big sharks also on git hub. If you not find code which you need then you can check on git hub. Before installing git hub on our web hosting must check Sudo Access is enable or not.

If it not enable kindly enable Sudo Access or check how to do:

Step by Step guide:

  • Login to your SSH
  • Run Command

sudo yum install git

  • Sudo is not need for root users.
  • If you facing any error then uninstall perl first:

yum install git --disableexcludes=main --skip-broken

How to setup repository?

Follow these steps to setup repository:

  • Must make a directory e.g: usdir example.git
  • Replace with new directory. E.g: ds example.git
  • If you want to make a primary directory then use —bare in command which helps you to make your directory primary.

For more code & guidance, read github documentation.

If you have any question or help chat with us. We are available 24/7 for our loved visitors.

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