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At HosterNe, we strive to provide the best value at a competitive price for all our customers. As a result, from time to time, we update the plans we offer to our clients. To that end, we’re offering four new Shared Hosting Plans (Student, Silver, Gold, and Pro) that have replaced our previous set (Value, Professional/Ultimate/Business SSD).

While many still own the previous plans, this article will help to compare the options.

One of the main changes is our pricing policy. We aim to make our services affordable for everyone; therefore, the regular renewal prices have the same.

For your convenience, we’ve also added a monthly billing cycle and our money-back policy of 30 days, allowing you to test our services even longer with zero risk of losing money.

Our trusted Technical Team is always looking for ways to improve and features to provide. So, we are now offering even better Shared Hosting options for our customers, which come with an improved allocation of resources.

You can find a comparison below: 

Name of Plan  Student Time Silver Gold Diamond
Pricing $0.58 /mo $2.88 /mo $4.88 /mo $7.99/mo

Plan Features

Disk Space 5120 10240 40960 61,440
Bandwidth 20480 1048576 81920 122880
Domain Host 5 15 20 25
Sub Domain 10 15 25 40
FTP Accounts 05 20 20 30
Email Features
Email Accounts 05 15 30 40
Email Qouta 1024MB 1024 1024 1024
Database Features
SQL Accounts 10 20 30 40


For more details and technical specifications, Kindly visit our Shared Hosting homepage.

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